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How to check tournament start in a diff timezone

Registration for a tournament

Register for a RJZ Player Profile and Join Discord. Once done, you will get a new Discord Role - Verified.
Then just register in the #registration channel.

How to report match results?

In Discord #match-results

How to check-in?

In Discord #check-in

Player names

We suggest using 1 player name everywhere - in game name (optional), discord name (must match), profile name (must match)

What does Higher and Lower Seed mean?


Higher Seed: in this case is team crybabies, just because their seed is higher
Lower Seed: in this case is team StrngDram, just because their seed is lower

Let's take an example in a Best of 3 (Bo3) which is usually ban (H) ban(L) pick(H) pick(L) ban(H) ban(L) tie

H - Higher Seed
L - Lower Seed

So team crybabies are higher seed (H), which means they ban a map first, then team StrngDram are lower seed (L) which means they ban a map second. Then Higher Seed (H) pick a map, Lower Seed (L) pick a map and if it's 1:1 the remaining map will decide who takes the series.

Posted by Ch4mp    Aug 20, 2020   Guides last update: Oct 19, 2020

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