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When does the tournament start in my timezone?

worldtimebuddy.com   timee.io

A player profile at rocketjump.zone

Make sure to register for a player profile before attending your first tournament.
It's to track your achievements, winnings and you will also get a new discord role - Verified.

How to check in and report match results?

We use challonge as our tournament platform. Usually check in opens 30 minutes before tournament start, so you can either use discord and tell us that you're ready to play or check in via Challonge. The same applies for reporting match results.

Player names

We suggest using one player name everywhere - in game name (optional), discord name (must match), profile name (must match)

What does Higher and Lower Seed mean?


Higher Seed: in this case is team crybabies, just because their seed is higher
Lower Seed: in this case is team StrngDram, just because their seed is lower

Let's take an example in a Best of 3 (Bo3) which is usually ban (H) ban(L) pick(H) pick(L) ban(H) ban(L) tie

H - Higher Seed
L - Lower Seed

So team crybabies are higher seed (H), which means they ban a map first, then team StrngDram are lower seed (L) which means they ban a map second. Then Higher Seed (H) pick a map, Lower Seed (L) pick a map and if it's 1:1 the remaining map will decide who takes the series.

Posted by Ch4mp    Aug 20, 2020   Guides last update: Jun 13, 2021

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