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New Modes for Xonotic - Battle Royale and Mayhem

Battle Royale

Thanks to Juhu, battle royale is not a rumor for Arena Shooters anymore.
We're in a testing phase and a proper map is needed but take a look below, it's fun:


Battle Royale | RJZ  &  ⚡⚡ Extreme Voltage ⚡⚡ -


Do you remember those times playing NHL 09? A non-stop fun full of action? Mayhem is similar.

What makes it so good?

Our customized version:
5 minutes per game (no rounds), unlimited ammo, 4 weapons - Arc, Mortar, Devastator, Vortex, Quads drop on death

It's suitable more for competitive players to test their skill and take a little break from duels, you know.


Hell | RJZ  &  ⚡⚡ Extreme Voltage ⚡⚡ -

Posted by Ch4mp    Sep 4, 2023   Xonotic

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