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RJZ Esports News - Jan 2023

RJZ Xonotic Duel League 2023

Our first league for Xonotic is around the corner - starts in January 8th 2023 at 7 CET. We will kick it off with a qualification where two players will be determined to join the round robin bracket.

Ranks will be given to the players as follows:
RJZ Ranks

League Page: https://rocketjump.zone/xonotic/xonotic-duel-league-2023/

New map - Aerowalk for Xonotic

Testing will be needed, but it's here and already available on our server! Check out this walkthrough by Smilecythe:

New map - Canal for Xonotic (Work in Progress)

Remember this map? It's a very unique map for Xonotic. Original idea by Ch4mp. Main layout created by t0uYK8Ne and Cortez, now picked by ballerburg9005 to finish it for good.
Could this map replace stormkeep? What do you think?

Prodeus Tournaments

We will be also hosting tournaments for Prodeus in 2023. After the duel tourney we are excited for a 2v2 TDM tournament:

It's good to take a break from "Quakish games" and play something else once in a while, what do you think?

Our Supporters

Thanks everybody who supports this project. Special thanks to:

HUECTRUM - Donated €50 for the Prodeus 2v2 TDM Tournament

Posted by Ch4mp    Jan 1, 2023   RJZ Xonotic Prodeus

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