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RJZ Xonotic Duel League 2024

Game: Xonotic Xonotic
League Start: Sat, Jan 13, 2024  –  17 CET
  18 EET, 16 WET, 19 MSK, 11am ET, 8am PT

worldtimebuddy.com  timee.io
League End: March 24th, 20 CET
Entry fee: free
Location: EUROPE
Registration: CLOSED

Final Results

trophy silver
trophy gold
trophy bronze
Rainbow Shadow

Prize Money League: € 125

1st place: €62,5

2nd place: €43,75

3rd place: €18,75

4th place: -

5th place: -

6th place: -

7th place: -

8th place: -

9th place: -

10th place: -


Last year we had Dodger winning the 2023 league, are we gonna see new talents and ultimately a new King for the year 2024?
Ranks Given  Teaser

Rules & FAQ

Mode: Duel
Time limit: 10 minutes
Frag limit: none


Aerowalk, Finalrage, Silentsiege, Bloodyrun, Stormkeep, Xoylent, Fuse


  1. QUALIFICATION - 2 players to qualify, double elimination bracket
  2. ROUND ROBIN - 2 qualified players and 8 invite only players
  3. THE FINALS - 4 top scored players, gauntlet bracket playoffs:
    (4 vs. 3, winner vs. 2, winner vs. 1 (Bo7 grand final no advantage))

Best of 3: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban, Tiebreaker
Best of 5: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick, Tiebreaker
Best of 7: Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick, Tiebreaker


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vlouvet3 - Є20

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