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RJZ Quake Rookie 2v2 TDM Cup 3

Game: Xonotic Quake Champions
Tournament Start: Sun, Jun 26, 2022  –  20 CEST
  9 EET, 7 WET, 9 MSK, 11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT

worldtimebuddy.com  timee.io

check in opens 1 hour before the start
Entry fee: free
Location: EUROPE
Registration: Tournament Finished

Final Results

trophy silver
trophy gold
The Pretenders
trophy bronze

Prize Money Tournament: € 33

1st place: 50%

2nd place: 30%

3rd place: 20%


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Hi, we're back to Quake! This is a test if there's an interest for 2v2 TDM tournaments since we know there's an active community who still like to play it daily.

Only teams below 2K SR are allowed to sign up and contributions to the prize pool are welcome.
Let's gooooooooooooooooooooo......

Rules & FAQ


Mode: 2v2 TDM
Time limit: 15 minutes
Frag limit: 50


Awoken, Blood Covenant, Exile, Corrupted Keep, Ruins of Sarnath,
The Molten Falls, Deep Embrace


Structure: Double elimination
Max Slots: 16
Admins: Ch4mp

Best of 1: Ban (H), Ban (L), Ban (H), Ban (L), Ban (H), Ban (L), Remaining map
Best of 3: Ban (H), Ban (L), Pick (H), Pick (L), Ban (H), Ban (L), Tiebreaker
Best of 3 Finals: Ban (L), Ban (W), Pick (L), Pick (W), Ban (L), Ban (W), Tiebreaker
Best of 5: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick, Tiebreaker

First time in a tournament?

You might want to check out our tourmanet guides article and policy.

NA players?

NA players are welcome to join this tournament but the server will be either
EU WEST or NA EAST (if eu team allows).

How to support tournaments?

Visit our contribute page.

Sponsors & Donators

phex0r - €23, inzsome - €10

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