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RJZ Quake International 2v2 TDM Cup 3

Game: Quake Champions Quake Champions
Tournament Start: Dec 5, 8 PM CET / 2 PM EST 2020 -
  9 EET, 7 WET, 10 MSK, 11 PST, 1 CST

worldtimebuddy.com  timee.io

check in opens 30 mins before start
Tournament End: 4 hrs to finish tournament
Rating: all
Registration: Challonge:  EU Team   NA Team
Tournament Finished

Final Results

trophy silver
trophy gold
trophy bronze

Prize Money Tournament: $ 70

1st place: 70% of the prize pool

2nd place: 30% of the prize pool

3rd place: there is no third place


Rules & FAQ

Two brackets - NA and EU. Winner of each bracket advances into the grand finals.


Mode: 2v2 TDM Ranked
Time limit: 15 minutes
Frag limit: 50

  • No Champion Duplicates per team
  • No Champion Bans
  • Champion switch allowed


Awoken, Blood Covenant, Tower of Koth, Corrupted Keep, Ruins of Sarnath,
The Molten Falls, Deep Embrace


Structure: Double elimination
Max Slots: 16
Forfeit: 10 mins delay
Admins: Ch4mp

Semifinals: Best of 3
Finals: Best of 3
Grand Finals (NA vs EU): Best of 5
Everything else is Best of 1

Best of 1: Ban (H), Ban (L), Ban (H), Ban (L), Ban (H), Ban (L), Remaining map
Best of 3: Ban (H), Ban (L), Pick (H), Pick (L), Ban (H), Ban (L), Tiebreaker
Best of 3 Finals: Ban (L), Ban (W), Pick (L), Pick (W), Ban (L), Ban (W), Tiebreaker
Best of 5: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick, Tiebreaker

Server decision for the Grand Finals?

We will try to find the best ping solution for both teams.
For example US West and EU Central - server will be probably NA East.
If US East and EU Central - 1 game US server 1 game NA server.

How to play?

Create a lobby, invite your opponent, report match results. If it's your first time in a tournament, you might want to check out our tourmanet guides

How to support tournaments?

Visit our contribute page.

Sponsors & Donators

$10 - Jbacc, festiveturtle (last international tourney), $60 - abad


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