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RJZ Diabotical Rookie Aim Arena 1v1 Cup 1

Game: Diabotical Diabotical
Tournament Start: Oct 10, 7:00 PM CEST / 1:00 PM EDT 2020
check in 6:30 - 6:45
Tournament End: ~ 10:00
Rating: Up to 1809
Location: EUROPE
Registration: Register via Toornament
Tournament Finished

Final Results

trophy silver
trophy gold
trophy bronze

Prize Money Tournament: € 10

1st place: 50% of the prize pool

2nd place: 30% of the prize pool

3rd place: 20% of the prize pool


Rules & FAQ


Mode: Aim Arena 1v1
Round limit: 5
Netcode: Server Side




Do not try to de-rank just to play in this tournament. We will verify all players and if we find out that you tried to be sneaky you will be banned from Rocket Jump Zone Tournaments.

Structure: Double elimination
Max Slots: 32
Forfeit: 10 mins delay
Admins: Ch4mp, Taka

WB Final, LB Final: Best of 3
Lower Seed picks a map, Higher Seed picks a map,
if 1:1 each player votes a non played map in the next map vote pool

Grand Finals: Best of 3
Round Limit: 10
WB Winner bans a map, LB Winner picks a map, WB Winner picks a map, remaining map

Winner Bracket, Loser Bracket: Best of 1
Maps will be pre-determined

I'm from the USA, can I play?

Yes, with ping disadvantage (US East get ~ 100 ping to EU West)

When I registered I was below 1809, but not anymore, can I still play?

No. Simply cancel your registration and wait for a more suitable tournament for you.

How to play?

Create a lobby, invite your opponent with a private key. If it's your first time in a tournament, you might want to check out our tourmanet guides

Sponsors & Donators

€10 - Rocket Jump Zone


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