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Player Profiles

We collect player details entered by registration
Please be aware that we do not share your details to any 3rd party and keep it in private.


We use Google Analytics which collects anonymous visitor data so we can see our traffic stats.


All donations are non refundable.


Payment Method
We use only PayPal at the moment.

Fees & taxes
All prize winners are responsible for paying any applicable fees and taxes for winnings they receive.
PayPal fees may apply for all winnings.

Payment time frame
All payments are paid out within 48 hours of the event ending, unless otherwise stated.
If there is an expected delay in payment, we will let you know.

All prize winners must claim their winnings within 24 hours of the respective tournament ending. Additionally, only 1 person per team may claim the team's collective prize(s), we are not responsible for prize distribution within your team level.


  1. Players are welcome to stream their own POV on their personal streams with a min. of 16 secs delay to avoid stream sniping
  2. Any attempt in cheating will result in a perma ban
  3. If you can't continue participating in a tournament, report that to an admin
  4. All participants (if team mode a captain) must be available in our official discord server during a tournament

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