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Loserhoss has been playing arena shooters since the early 2000s. He started his arena shooter journey by playing against bots in Unreal Tournament 1999, Unreal Tournament 2004, and Unreal Tournament 3. After years of playing offline, he took his skills online by playing in many arena shooters such as Tribes Ascend, Quake Live, and Unreal Tournament 4.

Following the release of Quake Champions, Loserhoss found himself wanting to compete. Like many others, he tested his skills in the Quake World Championship in 2017, as well as many other small online tournaments. Loserhoss has been a member of Rocket Jump Zone since 2017, and has competed in several 2v2 and duel tournaments.

Loserhoss is excited about the opportunity to jump into the arena again on Rocket Jump Zone!

Microsoft Intellimouse Pro    DPI: 800    SENS: 1.5    ACCEL: 0

full name: Unknown
country: us USA
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clan: -
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