to host / play a game, join our discord server and visit #pickups channel.

supported games - Quake Champions, Black Mesa.

example (hosting a game):

!add QC_4v4tdm, 7 more players will !add

the bot will randomly choose two captains.
either of the captains !cointoss and then they pick players:

captain 1
picks 1 player
picks 2 players

captain 2
picks 2 players
gets last player

All available games
QC_2v2tdm | QC_3v3tdm | QC_4v4tdm | QC_3v3sac | QC_4v4sac | QC_DUEL | QC_FFA
BM_2v2 | BM_3v3 | BM_4v4 | BM_DUEL | BM_FFA

Pickup (bot) Commands


!add pickup[ pickup ..]] or +pickup[ pickup ..]] - adds you to specified pickups.
!add or ++ - adds you to all active pickups.
!remove pickup[ pickup …] or -[pickup[ pickup ..]] - removes you from specified pickups.
!remove or – - removes you from all pickups.
!expire time - Sets new time delay after you will be removed from all pickups, example: '!expire 1h 2m 3s'.
!default_expire time or 'afk' - Set your personal default !expire time or set autoremove on afk status.
!sub - request sub for last game.
!allowoffline - gives you immune from getting removed by offline or afk statuses until a pickup with you starts.


!who [pickup[ pickup …]] - list of users added to a pickups.
!pickups - list of all pickups on the channel.
!pickup_groups - list of pickup groups configured on the channel.
!expire - shows you how much time left before you will be removed from all pickups.
!lastgame [@nick or pickup] - show last pickup, or last pickup by specified argument.
!top [weekly or monthly or yearly] - shows you most active players.
!stats [nick or pickup] - shows you overall stats or stats for specified argument.
!ip [pickup or default] - shows you ip of last pickup or specified pickup.
!map pickup - print a random map for specified pickup.
!maps pickup - show all maps for specified pickup.


!cointoss or !ct [heads or tails] - toss a coin.
!pick @nick - pick a user to your team.
!put @nick alpha or beta - put player in specified team (availible only for users with moderator or admin rights).
!subfor @nick - become a substitute for specified player.
!capfor alpha or beta - become a captain of specified team.
!teams - show teams for current pickup.