Pickup Games

To host / play a game, join our discord server and visit the #pickup channel.


pickups: duel (ranked), 4v4tdm, discord group: @Xonotic

Available servers:

Origin | RJZ Esports [frankfurt]

Phoenix | RJZ Esports [frankfurt]

Example hosting a pickup game (2 captains, 8 players, 2 teams)   // Use "/" to trigger commands

  1. /add 4v4tdm
  2. 7 more players /add
  3. the bot will randomly choose two captains
  4. either of the captains /cointoss
  5. picking players - winner of cointoss picks first:

captain 1
picks 1 player

captain 2
picks 2 players

captain 1
picks 2 players

captain 2
gets last player

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