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Quick Facts

Xonotic Ranked

Check out this article - how to start playing xonotic ranked

Rocket Jump Zone Servers


Duel Balance

Main balance differences from XPM:

It could happen that somebody left a non official balance config on the server, fix it with:   vcall balance-default

Other balances to try out:
balance-testing  balance-kota  balance-ql  balance-bw  balance-jaska  balance-doom

List of Servers

Duel 1 - Frankfurt | Rocket Jump Zone -

Duel 2 - London | Rocket Jump Zone - /

Config / Console

press "~" or "shift + esc" to open the console

Where is your config located (that's also the place to put 3rd party assets):

   C:\Users\your name\Saved Games\xonotic\data
   ~/Library/Application Support/xonotic/data

To change the default config path, launch the game with a custom param (for Windows):   -userdir C:\.xonotic

3rd Party Assets



There's no installation nor Steam support. Simply extract the package somewhere and run  xonotic.exe

Is the game free to play?

Yes, and under GPLv3+ license

What's the purpose of Ch1mpnotic?

Ch1mpnotic was created for competitive players to ease the process of setting up the game from scratch.
It's used to run our tournaments and ranked matches.

Is Ch1mpnotic compatible with Xonotic?

100% Compatible. All weapons and modes from Xonotic are available.
We use the default .xonotic userdir, but you can change it:   -userdir C:\.ch1mpnotic

Is weapon Crylink included?

Yes, Crylink and Arc use the same weapon caregory - 6 bind.

Can I contribute?

Sure, check out the repo or support us financionaly