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Xonotic Competitive Edition Fund

Our mission is to create a competitive version for already running Esports scene partnered with ZenSports and Flukkz media.
We truly believe we can build an epic Arena FPS Esport.

For What Game?

What's this Esport?

Since May 2021 we started hosting Xonotic tournaments partnered with ZenSports.
We've hosted so far 10 Duel and 3 2v2 TDM cups with a prize money over 7K plus various giveaways.

It's a perfect opportunity for new players to get into our Esport and earn nice money.
(don't let Dodger win everything, KAPPA)

What's already done for XCE and our Esport

What we need - New Assets

The current Xonotic game is pretty outdated (released 4 years ago), we want to update it and make it more appealing for new players.

We've already started - New Devastator Model

this is a very early, work in progress devastator model

Devastator Model Devastator Model

What we also want



Visit Contribute Page

All contributors may choose what their money will be used for.

Rewards for Donators

All our contributors get:

Donations list:

Donator Message € Given
Dimitri - 23
Leonardo Sa Been playing this game for almost a decade now, great work! 9

Posted by Ch4mp    Nov 11, 2021   Xonotic last update: Nov 11, 20 CET

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