Tournaments - How to

First time competing in our tournaments? See how it works.

Registration for a tourney

The very first step is to register for a tourney. You have to enter your In Game Name and E-mail. Your e-mail is used only for contact purposes or sending you a prize pool. We will never give your e-mail to anyone or use it for commercial purposes.


If you registered for a tourney and can't play, please announce that fact at least 2 hours before the start.

This is important letting us know, so we can remove you from the tourney and let others register and play instead.

Check in

To check in, you simply have to click on the button and you are set to play!
If you did not check-in in time (30 mins) you can't participate.


How to report scores

Simply click on My Matches button and report your results, or you can click on your match in the bracket and then the Report button.

Bracket Information

To display the detailed information, simply click on the "Info" button at the top-right of the bracket:


The Match Lobby Chat

Instead of using Discord and searching for your opponent, you can also use this feature:

lobby chat

Read our Rules

Make sure to also read our rules, so there's no delay or annoyance during a tournaments. GL and have fun!

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