Master League

What is Master League? and how to get there? Find out in this article.

What is it?

Master league is only for the best players, Literally. It's once a year. Players will play in 3 different arena shooters. For example you can see Quake Champions, Reflex Arena, Unreal Tournament. It differs from year to year.

How to get there?

We have Regular and Major tournaments. First you need to win a regular one, which is every week. Next you have to fight in a major one, which is once in two months. If you win a major tourney, you qualify for the Master League.

Prize pool

Since it's only once a year and players have to spend their time by practicing, you can expect a high prize pool.


The winner will also be moved in HALL OF FAME section on this website and get a special award in gaming profile.

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