Ch1mpnotic Notes

What is Ch1mpnotic?

Ch1mpnotic is gonna be a new arena shooter, a fork of Xonotic. The game will be exclusively competitive duel and main arena shooter to run rocket jump zone tournaments.

We know that a high skill game doesn't attract many players, especially when it's an arena shooter. Our goal is not to get as many players as possible but raather a big audience.


The game will have only 2 modes - Duel and Warmup

Features on top of Xonotic

Dedicated servers

We will have servers available for Europe and North America

Game queue, Ranks, Leaderboard, Stats

Yes, all of it. Players will be able to queue for a game via a web app


Canal - is a new map currently under development

Maps imported from Xonotic: Fuse, Silent Siege, Stormkeep, Darkzone, Hub, Final rage, Downer


We will do some changes to the XPM movement which will suit duel better



Is the game gonna be for free?

Available on Steam?

Looking for developers and artists

We are in a process of creating a team. If the above is appealing to you, make sure to contact us!
Be aware that we offer real payments for your work.

Posted by Ch4mp    Oct 21, 2020   Ch1mpnotic

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