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Ch1mpnotic 1.0 Released

Ch1mpnotic is a Xonotic edition made for Competitive Players and the recommended version to participate in our tournaments..

What's new?

As for the very first version, a lot of polish and improvements overall have been made - CROSSHAIRS, HUDS, SOUNDS, GRAPHICS.

Weapon Changes - Rocket Jump Zone Servers

Player and Caster Ready

There are 2 pre-made configs to simply switch between. Either you want to play or cast a game.

caster player

New Menu Theme

main menu

Read more about the game and further features of the game.

Plans for version 2.0

We want new weapon models, better sounds, a proper player model.

2021 Xonotic League

Please follow our blog for announcements.

Posted by Ch4mp    Dec 24, 2020   Xonotic last update: Jan 11

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